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TV camera with localizer

If there is something that worries all customers who contact DESATASCOS EL TIBURÓN in Alicante, it is the presence of a blockage in their pipes and the consequences of carrying out the work of locating the jam. With our pipe inspection team with a color TV camera, we can detect the status of any pipe in your home or community. Our qualified technicians will be able to see if the pipeline is faulty or blocked, and then carry out the necessary clearing or repair.

Until a few years ago, despite the fact that it was easier to locate the location of the fault thanks to the experience of the clearing specialists, it was necessary to open it in different places in order to access different areas where the jam was suspected of being . This caused the economic value of subsequent repairs to increase, as well as the inconvenience.

Leak location company with TV cameras

Our jamming company in Alicante has the latest technology that allows you to locate jams and leaks faster and with less discomfort.

The inspections of pipes and water pipes using technologically advanced tools and equipment, allow to locate, observe and analyze the condition of the pipes quickly and accurately, being the most reliable method for diagnosis and correct repair (cracks, breaks, access roots, land subsidence, traffic jams, etc.) of all types of water pipes and pipes.

Our company EL TIBURÓN DESATASCOS ALICANTE is specialized in pipeline and pipeline inspection services of all kinds, using state-of-the-art technology, which allows us and with the greatest guarantee, to inspect and detect any incident in record time and with a reduction very important cost.

Do not hesitate and put yourself in the hands of professionals in pipeline inspection with TV cameras by calling our Tels: 691 835 530/617 138 893. Switchboard: 965 633 630. You can also leave your contact details in our ONLINE FORM and we will contact contact as soon as possible.

Professionals in pipeline inspection with TV cameras

The inspection of pipes with TV cameras is the latest innovation since it allows us to visualize the entire route of the water supply pipes, assess their real state, and detect possible problem spots.

Thanks to the inspection of pipes with TV cameras we can see for example if there is a jam and the exact location of it.

It also allows us to see if there is a damaged point of the pipe that may be causing a leak.

Also, we can see if there is any type of wear that could pose a problem in the future.

The inspection of pipes with TV cameras is one of the best tools at our disposal to carry out our task of unblocking in Alicante, in addition to our maintenance tasks.


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